Design & Build

Seaside Landscape & Design offers custom-quality landscape design and construction for your outdoor entertainment and garden needs. Our team of skilled craftsmen provides superior service and attention to detail at every step of the building process.

Putting in an artificial putting green is a creative landscape design and construction idea.

Artificial Turf

Upgrade your lawn with premium artificial turf – a low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution. Ditch the constant upkeep and excessive water use. Our vast selection realistic synthetic grass includes options like putting greens and odor-absorbing varieties, all aligning with California’s water conservation laws. Elevate your landscape – design & build a beautiful, low-cost retreat with lush turf made from superior materials.


Give your home a facelift with our high-quality hardscape installation service, leaving behind the constant upkeep and high costs of outdated design & build methods. Our diverse selection of pavers, tile, concrete, stone and brick create a visually captivating outdoor space without the hefty price tag. Blend sophistication and durability for an economical choice that aligns with California’s landscape regulations, and elevate your yard to new heights.

Adding several drought-tolerant plants is both beautiful and eco-conscious. This is a popular landscape design and construction practice in San Diego.
Installing low-flow irrigation is around plants is an eco-friendly landscape design and construction practice in San Diego.


Say goodbye to traditional irrigation hassles, and hello to precise water distribution that conserves your resources. Design & build an efficient & affordable drip system, designed to nurture each plant with just the right amount of moisture. Drip irrigation reduces water waste, minimizes weed growth, and promotes healthier plant roots. Make your watering routine a breeze while embracing an eco-conscious solution for your thriving landscape.

Planting & Mulching

Escape the cycle of costly and high-maintenance landscaping. Choose from a smarter selection of plants that thrive with minimal care, and apply organic mulch which not only enhances your landscape, but also conserves moisture and suppresses weed growth. Our sustainable landscape design and construction practices ensure your stunning new outdoor space remains cost-effective and effortless to maintain.

All landscapes should feature dynamic planting. Adding mulch is a very important landscape design and construction procedure for the long term health of your plant beds.